All Time Worst Sales Opener: “How’s The Weather?”


RapportNinja is Designed to Live On Your 2nd Screen During Your Sales Call
Immediate Audience Insights + Sport Scores To Keep In Touch

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Research Made Easy with Direct Access to Linkedin

Jot Down Notes to Remember Later

Locations Create Conversations See Everyone, Mapped

Talk Weather Like a Local, Including The Upcoming Weekend

Need An Ice Breaker?
Connect on Local Sports Teams

Need a Reason to Reach Out?
Tag Their Favorite Teams
Get Score Alerts Delivered via Email.

How Does It Work?

  1. Download the Calendar Plugin
  2. Navigate To Your Calendar
  3. Select A Meeting
  4. Launch RapportNinja

Get Started (for free)


14 Day Trial

  • Fully Featured
  • No Credit Card


$ 9
99 Per Month
  • Audience Location
  • Local Weather
  • Pro/College Sports
  • Scores via Email
  • Linkedin Access
  • Let's Talk!

The Power of Virtual Eye Contact​

The Power of Virtual Eye Contact As the world shifted towards remote work and virtual communication, Zoom has become an indispensable tool for connecting professionals

Why We Are Building RapportNinja

The Most Successful Sales People Invest in Relationships We are building RapportNinja to transform the investment a salesperson makes in their sales process. Just like

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